FAR manager

FAR manager 3.0

A program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems
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First of all, NO, the screenshots aren't from the legendary "Norton Commander". YES, I'm sure! OK, I know, it's SO, SO identical! But believe me, this time we are talking about a "new" file manager...its name is FAR Manager.

Do you remember the PCs with DOS? Fingers spitting fire with cd/md/del commands? Well, DOS was like that...hard to use, but predictable and without complications. Luckily, Norton Commander came to our lives and made our tasks easier. An excellent file manager with the ability to exploit the capabilities of the text-based screen to their limits.
And years, even decades after the success of this software, we saw many "clones" of this great program, some ones text-based (like the excellent mc - Midnight Commander) or Windows-based (TotalCommander).
FAR File Manager is yet another Norton/Midnight Commander: text-based, same shortcuts, almost the same features.
The only thing I can rescue from this program are the 'plugins', pieces of software (DLL-based) that extend the program's features (see the 3rd screenshot).
IMHO, I prefer to stick to Norton/Midnight Commander. But after all, it's for free...we don't lose anything, do we?

Review summary


  • It works in text mode, it uses little system resources


  • It's like Norton/Midnight Commander, but not the same. Sometimes I get lost
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